• Smart Automation System > Smart Manufacturing

    Smart Manufacturing

    For the purpose of shortening the product development cycle, reducing costs, improving production efficiency, and improving product quality, it is planned to improve the overall efficiency.
  • Smart Automation System > Robot


    It is an automatic control device that imitates the function of a human arm and can complete various tasks. It is composed of a mechanical main body, a controller, a servo mechanism and a sensor. Many industrial dangerous assembly, painting, welding, high-temperature casting and forging and other heavy tasks can be used Robotic arms replace manual operations.
  • Smart Automation System > Auto Guided Vehicle (AGV)

    Auto Guided Vehicle (AGV)

    It is a type of mobile robot that moves along wires or markers or magnetic strips on the floor, or moves weight accurately through visual navigation or laser navigation. It is mostly used in industrial production to transport goods in workshops and warehouses.
  • Smart Logistics System > Logistics Center

    Logistics Center

    The most important thing in the logistics industry is the quality and quantity management of products. Especially when faced with multiple products and large quantities, a systematic management process is even more important. Therefore, the solutions required by this type of industry tend to focus on [automatic warehousing, rapid picking systems, automatic labeling and distribution systems] to speed up the product in and out and configuration process.
  • Third Party Logistics System > Third Party Logistics

    Third Party Logistics

    1. The automatic sorting system has high sorting efficiency and high sorting accuracy. 2. Sort goods by scanning, conveying, sorting and other devices. 3. The sorting system can store data, and the statistics of data can avoid similar problems again. 4. Scanning recognition system can accurately sort goods through barcode recognition and weighing.
  • Auto storage system > Auto Storage System

    Auto Storage System

    We have cooperated with a well-known Japanese company IHI for 40 years. Our warehouses have good information management subsystems. Warehousing can not only improve the speed and efficiency of picking, but also reduce the time for pickers to think and judge, and improve the delivery and distribution logistics effectiveness.
  • Auto Palletizing System > Palletizing/De-Palletizing


    We have cooperated with the well-known company OKURA for 40 years, during which we have built countless stacking equipment robots, which have high load capacity, long-term operation, rich change, easy operation, and can be used with bar code recognition systems for mixed-line production.
  • War Center > Smart Management Analysis System

    Smart Management Analysis System

    Visualize the production process, including information about the individual capacity of the machine, production schedule, production progress, etc., through data analysis to help the customer industry control each station, and promote the production momentum to maximize efficiency.
  • Auto Cultivation > Indoor Circulation Cultivation System

    Indoor Circulation Cultivation System

    The quality/quantity of the traditional breeding industry tends to be uneven. The collection of data and monitoring processes through automated equipment and wireless networking technology greatly saves the burden of manpower and precision breeding. From incubation, seedling, growth to harvest, one-stop practice is implemented System integration improves overall production efficiency and production transparency.
  • Power / Energy Storage Battery > Power / Energy Storage

    Power / Energy Storage

    Lithium batteries have the advantages of high weight-to-energy ratio, high and stable discharge voltage, low self-discharge rate, wide application temperature range, and good low-temperature performance. Compared with other batteries, they have a longer storage life and can be recharged and reused. Therefore, it is widely used in various transportation vehicles and backup power sources. In response to the rising global environmental awareness and the continuous innovation of electric products, lithium batteries are definitely an excellent choice under the trend of low carbon emissions and PM2.5.
  • Cooling Solution(Product & Application) > Cooling Solution(Product & Application)

    Cooling Solution(Product & Application)

    The cooling system is a powerful tool in the operation of mechanical equipment, effectively preventing the risk of short circuits or damage caused by overheating. Compared to traditional heat conduction products, KENMEC cooling products offer superior cooling performance, maximized space utilization, low energy consumption, and low noise. They are easy to maintain and service, significantly enhancing the reliability and stability of the equipment. KENMEC cooling products can be applied in various industries such as information data centers, electronics, network communications, automotive, and energy storage.
  • Seawater Desalination Treatment > Seawater Desalination

    Seawater Desalination

    Seawater desalination treatment is the process of removing excess salt and minerals from seawater to obtain fresh water. KENMEC uses advanced technology to provide an one-stop service of the design, material preparation, installation, completion inspection and water production test for this system. The complete system includes pretreatment facilities, electromechanical equipment, RO units, online cleaning equipment, mineralization equipment, desalinated water storage tanks, online water quality monitoring equipment, flow meters, instrument control facilities, remote monitoring facilities, etc. In addition to mobile container units, several container units can also be connected to form a module unit. And we also create customized desalination systems for different customers that fully meet their needs.