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Data Center

When information equipment is in operation, it is most afraid of short-circuit or damage caused by overheating of the equipment. In addition to the excellent heat dissipation performance, the liquid cooling system can also avoid the common problems that heat conduction products may face during operation in the past. This product can be divided into two parts: water-cooled back door (RDHx) and cold water distributor (CDU). The source of ice water in the first circuit is tap water, building ice water main engine, independent ice water machine, etc.; cold water distributor (CDU) provides a completely isolated second circuit that can be used for temperature control; and water-cooled back door heat exchanger (RDHx) Provides 100% sensible heat cooling, no condensation problems, no heating or humidification. Different from previous heat conduction products, the liquid cooling system emphasizes 100% space utilization, low energy consumption, zero noise, low failure and easy maintenance.
  • Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx)

    Standard cooling capacity 20kW,high-end cooling capacity 30kW. 42U/47U/52U hieight, 600mm/735mm/800mm width.
  • Cabinet Type Liquid Cooling Monitoring Unit

    With excellent heat dissipation,100% space utilization, low energy consumption, zero noise, easy maintenance.
  • Temperature Control Liquid Cooling Monitoring Unit

    Air-cooled HCDU saves power consumption by more than 20% compared with general air-cooled water chillers of the same level.
  • Air-Liquid Water-Cooled Cabinet

    Cooling capacity of a single cabinet is 10kW and 6kW.The height is 42U, 47U and 52U, and the width is 600mm, 735mm and 800mm.
  • In-cabinet Cooling Distribution Unit

    Double pump backup design; conform to ISO7241-B quick connector, quick installation and easy maintenance;
  • IOT Smart Rack

    Single cabinet operates,independently/placed randomly.The maximum capacity is 4.5kW/cabinet.Integrates detection equipment,monitoring and environmental control host.