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TFT Industry

TFT Industry

With the rapid development of 5G and the Internet of Things, Taiwanese LCD panel manufacturers will vigorously develop more small and medium-sized panels for emerging applications. With the development of IoT, vehicles may become offices, entertainment or communication centers, and the demand for panels for each vehicle will also increase rapidly. With the rise of the Internet of Things, applications will become more diversified, and various application standards will be different. Panel manufacturers can use the different functions of the panel to develop customized products for different customers. Facing the new trend of product technology needs, vertical applications with the gradual rise of 5G and artificial intelligence, providing complete solutions can increase the advantages of panel manufacturers and maintain product competitiveness.
  • Film Roll ASRS

    Reduce labor costs, higher utilization. Reduce the labor intensity of employees, this ASRS can more effectively store items.
  • Robot Application in TFT Industry

    For heavy objects or precision equipment, the robotic arm can improve the quality, speed and safety of the overall output.
  • G6 Stocker & Overhead Conveyor

    Transports the panel more robustly and send it to the stocker for storage at a stable speed.
  • G6 Color Filter Conveyor System

    Transports the panel to the required place at a more stable speed.
  • G7.5 Color Filter Conveyor System

    Transports the panel to the required place at a more stable speed.
  • G8 Panel Packing and Unpacking System

    Use robot to put substrate in the box, close upper cover and discharge.Then take out substrate and return empty box back.
  • G8.5 Glass Handling Equipment

    Integrates various equipment to provide a full solution for conveying system including straight, trnsfer, rotation, and temporary storage.
  • Auto Peeling Machine

    Take the glass out of the pallet, use the this machine to tear the film, and then discharge the pallet.