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Founded Year Company Name Business Category
2020TAISIC MATERIALS CORP.SIC silicon carbide, third-generation semiconductor wafer production
2013承陽能源股份有限公司Solar power generation and sales business
2012蘇州廣奕置業開發有限公司 Real estate management
2012蘇州金鋒物流設備有限公司Research and development and design of automatic storage equipment and systems, automatic sorting equipment and systems, automatic stacking and unloading line board machine systems, unmanned truck systems, whole plant automation systems, automatic conveyor systems for various materials, electrical control systems, and data processing systems , Sales, door-to-door installation, and import and export of the above-mentioned commodities.
2010廣愛商貿開發(昆山)有限公司Business related to tourism and leisure industry such as hot spring hotel management, health and leisure clubs, slow living and light food
2010富本控股有限公司Holding company
2010金運科技股份有限公司Electronic Manufacturing Services
2008太極能源科技(昆山)有限公司R&D, design, and production of high-tech green batteries (solar cells) and other related components
2007太極能源科技股份有限公司Power generation, transmission, power distribution manufacturing and wired and wireless communication machinery and equipment manufacturing
2006廣運越南有限責任公司Production of solar water heaters
2005廣運科技(福清)有限公司Development, production and sales of new electronic components (chip components), digital video coding and decoding equipment, portable microcomputers, and new flat panel displays
2005廣運科技(蘇州)有限公司New electronic components (chip components), digital audio and video encoding and decoding equipment, digital cameras and key parts development, portable microcomputers, new flat panel displays, calculator application systems, etc. Production, sales, installation, and rental And other related services
2005廣運機電(蘇州)有限公司TFT process equipment, semiconductor process equipment, industrial transportation machinery, automated storage equipment and other assembly line automation equipment and related supporting equipment, three-dimensional and mechanical parking equipment, incinerators and other environmental protection equipment; electronic related electrostatic protection products; window cleaners, hanging baskets Equipment and other related services such as production, sales, installation, and rental
2003太极能源科技控股(蕯摩亚)有限公司Holding company
2001廣運通訊控股(英屬維京群島)有限公司Holding company
1999廣運自動化工程(蘇州)有限公司Industrial conveyor machinery: automatic storage equipment and other whole plant automation and related supporting equipment; three-dimensional and mechanical parking equipment; environmental protection equipment such as incinerators: electronic-related electrostatic protection products; development, design, manufacturing, and manufacturing of window cleaners and hanging basket equipment, etc. Installation, sales, rental and other related services
1999廣運國際控股(英屬維京群島)有限公司Holding company