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Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductors are different from conductors and non-conductors in circuit characteristics. Their conduction has directivity, so that semiconductors can be used to manufacture logic circuits, and the circuit has the function of processing information, and has the characteristics of small size and strong information processing. Especially in the semiconductor industry, the wafer size has been all the way from 8-inch wafers to 12-inch wafers. As the weight increases, the type of handling in the semiconductor industry is also a major test.
  • Wafer ASRS

    Reduce labor costs, equipment can get higher utilization. Strengthen the overall efficiency of goods management.
  • Clean Room Stocker

    1. High-precision. 2. Reliable and predictable performance. 3. Wafer transfer can be transferred in a clean and controlled environment.
  • 65 Tons AGV

    1. Clean room level. 2. Can move forward/backward/transversely/obliquely/turn in place. 3. Self-developed battery. 4. Obstacle detection system.
  • Clean Room AGV (Mobile Robot)

    1. High-precision. 2. High recognition ability and positioning accuracy. 3. Optimization of efficiency.
  • Semiconductor Wafer Lifter

    1. Built-in hardware and security lock. 2. Flexible arrangement of components such as robot and track system. 3. Dust-free.
  • Wafer Lifter (EFEM)

    There are 2 ports, 3 ports and 4 ports for different needs.
  • Overhead Hoist Transfer(OHT)

    Thinness, flexible gripper, 180 degrees rotation, 5G wireless transmission, conveying distance and track path can be designed according to cleanroom space.