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Petrochemical / Traditional Industry

Petrochemical / Traditional Industry

The petrochemical industry is the so-called petrochemical industry, which uses crude oil as raw material to refine light oil, and obtain basic raw materials (such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene, etc.) through a series of cracking processes, and then use synthesis, polymerization and processing technology to produce Into various plastic and rubber products. The petrochemical industry has the characteristics of technology-intensive, capital-intensive, and high energy consumption, and its products have high added value.
  • Chemical ASRS

    1. Save labor. 2. Operation is quick and accurate. 3. Improve the management level of the warehouse.
  • Rubber Factory Auto Production Equipment

    Material supply machine, metering & feeding, lifter and checking the weight.
  • Coil Gantry System

    Gantry applications reduce transportation costs and increase productivity and safety.
  • PVC Pipe Auto Handling Stacking System

    The AGV goes under the material truck and pulls it to the designated position and separated from the material truck.
  • Lifter AGV

    1. Match with the production line for flexible dispatch and dispatch. 2. Effective use of space. 3. Judges the battery power, AGV automatically goes to the location for charging.
  • Non Pallet Stacking of Fertilizer Bags

    Auto filled and sealed, sent to upper floor by climbing conveyor, compacted, and cross-stacked.
  • Salt Packet Pallet Auto Stacking

    Tthe stacking step is started after the direction is changed by the steering machine. The stack is first pressed and then stacked.
  • Wrapping Machine

    Goods can be transported safely, and large and heavy objects can be wrapped quickly and efficiently.
  • 50 Gallon Filling Equipment

    Including opening station, buffer station, blowing station, filling station, alignment station and cap locking station, etc.
  • 1 Ton Filling Equipment

    Used for filling various liquids, not affected by the thickness of the container, with high filling accuracy and fast filling speed.
  • Sorting/Stacking/Storing

    1.Store 300,000+ pieces. 2. Shipping: 90 PL/hr out,45 PL/hr for return. 3. Packing: 10PL/hr out,10 PL/hr for return.
  • Stacking/Transfer/Conveying

    Loading, conveying, and unloading are all carried out continuously, and don't need to maintain a high transportation speed.
  • Indoor Circulation Cultivation System

    Collecting data through auto equipment and wireless networking technology greatly saves manpower and precision breeding.
  • Non-Toxic Biotechnology Cultivation System

    Practice one-stop system integration from hatching, nursery, growing fish to harvest.
  • Auto Guided Fork (AGF)

    Autonomous mobile robot (AMR), 3D visual navigation technology, auto positioning, active detection of surrounding obstacles
  • Twisting Yarn Winding and Picking

    Continuous elevator, labor-saving device, robotic arm, carton sealer, and various belt conveyors.
  • Plastic Bag Stacking

    U-shaped screw feeder, automatic weighing machine, automatic packaging, pp bag folding and sealing machine, high-bed stacking machine.