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Electrical and Electronic Industry

Electrical and Electronic Industry

The products and accessories of the electronics industry are more sophisticated and require special attention in monitoring and processing. Therefore, how to realize the flexibility of the production line is obviously a major issue. A flexible production line process needs to combine the functions of data analysis, energy management and quality diagnosis, and achieve the realization of a smart factory through the introduction of smart equipment, which also covers basic system equipment, transmission motion systems, controllers, and networks , To the final manufacturing management and information analysis optimization. In order to maximize production capacity, the solutions for this type of industry usually emphasize shortening the operation process and start from the basic conveying and handling system equipment.
  • Converter Auto Produciton Equipment

    Real-time upload of production information, built-in precision sensors, effective early warning of insertion abnormalities.
  • Robot Application in Electronics Industry

    It can be used for automatic positioning and plug-in of electronic parts of different sizes and shapes. It is accurate and fast.
  • Auto Stacking for Electrical Appliances

    Adjustable stacking equipment can greatly reduce the damage rate of electrical goods caused by artificial stacking and transportation.
  • Water Glue Bonding Line

    High lamination precision, high elasticity and quick mold change, can correspond to lamination of diverse products.
  • Steel Ball Positioning

    Precise positioning, grab the steel ball at the specified location and place it on the specified location, accurately and quickly.
  • Liquid Cooling Solution

    1. Double cold channel technology. 2. Reduce PUE and reduce electricity expenses. 3. Modular pipeline design, easy to assemble. 4. Intelligent monitoring.