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Logistics Industry

Logistics Industry

The most important thing in the logistics industry is the quality and quantity management of products. Especially when faced with multiple products and large quantities, a systematic management process is even more important. Therefore, the solutions required by this type of industry tend to focus on [automatic warehousing, rapid picking systems, automatic labeling and distribution systems] to speed up the product entry and exit and configuration process. Take the shipping process as an example. When there are many types of products to be processed, the automatic storage shuttle racking system can be used to accurately transport the logistics boxes of the required products between different floors and operating locations. Then brush the order barcode to pick the goods in order, and pack them according to the required products and quantity on the spot, or put them in a logistics box and send them to other floors for storage. The application of automation equipment can greatly reduce the probability of errors, reduce labor costs, and greatly increase the speed of logistics.
  • Supermarket Sorting Center

    1. Daily distribution at 300 convenience stores and 100 supermarkets. 2. Slide sorter capacity 8,000 boxes/hour.
  • Retail Sorting Center

    1. Cpacity: 12,000 boxes/hour. 2. 10~1 entry ports. 3. 96 sorting chutes. 4. High-speed bar code + volume identification.
  • Cold Chain Logistics Center

    1. 17,790 storages 2. Temperature -25 ℃ ~ -30 ℃ 3. Shuttle trolley speed: 120 m/min 4. High-speed operation, flexible access.
  • Express Logistics Center

    By high and low speed sorter, roller carousel, barcode recognition and slider horizontal push sorting can speed up the work process.
  • Home Delivery Express Logistics Center

    Through alternating high-speed and slow-speed conveying to maintain the smoothness of product.
  • Smart Unmanned Logistics Center

    1. 14,505 storaged. 2. Capacity 13,440 pallets / 24 hours. 4. More than 2,800 SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Fresh Food Logistics Center

    Processing 6,000 baskets of goods per hour and supplying 286 stores for distribution, reaching today's production and arrival today.
  • Clothing Logistics Center

    The product information data is compiled through the bar code. When the product is shipped, the corresponding digital signal is sent.
  • Books Logistics Sorting Center

    Logistics box is put into the CV and the book feeding inlet, and the sorting is completed and the logistics box is discharged.
  • Medical Logistics Center

    Optimize the inspection, storage, picking, and delivery processes in the warehousing and distribution links.
  • Internet Business Center

    The strong growth of the Internet has driven sales energy and logistics business opportunity.
  • E-Commerce Logistics Center

    Complete all work processes in the warehouse including picking on shelves, replenishment, return, and inventory.
  • E-commerce Logistics Center

    Rated load 600k, lift height 55mm, no-load Speed 2m/, full-load Speed 1.5m/, rated endurance 9hr
  • Retail Smart Logistics

    ASRS, materials conveying in different directions, circular shuttle, 3D automatic identification of box type and stacking form, central control system