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Public Construction

Public Construction

We has undertaken mass automation projects such as MRT automatic doors and airport baggage handling system (BHS), and can design and introduce automation according to their individual needs. In order to enhance people's willingness to use popular tools, popular equipment related projects not only focus on the safety of users, but also the convenience of the equipment. For example, the Taipei MRT automatic door is the best embodiment of safety. The design of the automatic door can not only reduce the occurrence of deliberate accidents, but also improve the maintenance of the internal environment of the train tracks. In terms of convenience, tens of thousands per day The airport has to bear a considerable amount of handling in the baggage inspection and transportation process for the estimated passenger and cargo. The introduction of BHS can greatly shorten the baggage inspection and transportation process and increase the daily cargo handling efficiency. As the process speeds up, it helps passengers This saves waiting time and indirectly improves passengers' willingness to board in the future. In addition to emphasizing hard power, considering the consumer target as the general public, soft power is also one of the key points, such as the appearance design of MRT security gates and airport check-in counters. Through these ingenuities, the public has a good impression of the overall environment.
  • Oil Anti-Explosion ASRS

    Reduce labor costs, higher utilization.This explosion-proof ASRS is a warehouse that can carry high weight of oil.
  • Library Borrowing/Returning/Storage

    The first automated library in Taiwan.Retrieval time is reduced to 2 to 3 minutes, and up to 250 books be returned within 30 minutes.
  • Auto Car Parking System

    Three-dimensional parking system use mechanical control of up and down of the parking space and only takes a few minutes.
  • Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Visual Inspection

    The robotic arm automatically takes out the sample tube tray, scans for identity verification, and puts it in the designated location.
  • Baggaged Handling System

    Automation plays an important role in the operation of airport. By auto control, loading and unloading process can be accelerated.
  • Auto Platform Door

    KENMEC completed to set the doors on 37 stations of MRT to ensure the safety of passengers.
  • Mobile Container Type

    It can be moved to different areas freely, and the water output is 300 tons per day.
  • Modular Container Type

    Several container units can be connected to form a module, and the daily water output can be 1,000 tons, 3,000 tons, 5,000 tons or 10,000 tons.
  • Internal Equipment of Container Unit

    Containers, seawater water supply pumps, screening programs, high-pressure pumps, energy recovery devices, reverse osmosis membranes, mineralizers, flow meters, turbidity/residual chlorine analyzers, etc.
  • Desalination Process

    Seawater extraction->Fine screener->Sand filter->Screening program->High pressure pump/Energy recovery device->RO element->Mineralizer->Dosing device->Fresh water