Hsinchu desalination system produces 4,000 tons of water per day and will be completed on schedule

In response to the government’s emergency policy, this project will be completed as scheduled on February 28, 2021 with KENMEC full cooperation although the construction period is only 3 months. Seawater desalination treatment is the process of removing excess salt and minerals from seawater to obtain fresh water. KENMEC uses advanced technology to provide an one-stop service of the design, material preparation, installation, completion inspection and water production test for this system. The complete system includes pretreatment facilities, electromechanical equipment, RO units, online cleaning equipment, mineralization equipment, desalinated water storage tanks, online water quality monitoring equipment, flow meters, instrument control facilities, remote monitoring facilities, etc. In addition to mobile container units, several container units can also be connected to form a module unit. And we also create customized desalination systems for different customers that fully meet their needs.