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Date of Establishment
  Established in July of 1976. After undergoing restruction in March of 1987, it was officially renamed as Kenmec Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Staff Members
  Currently, Taiwan has 1000 employees. China has 800 employees.
  Frank Hsieh
Headquarters, Branch Office and Factories
Floor 5, No. 97, Section 2, Nan Kang Road, Nan Kang District, Taipei City 115, Taiwan

2.Branch Office:None

Jui Fang Plant
No. 69, Ting Ping Road, Juifang Industrial Zone, Juifang Township, Taipei County 224, Taiwan
Kao Hsiung Plant
No. 12, Hsin Ta Road, Chien Chen District, Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan
Su Zhou Plant
No. 8,Hsi Hsia Road, Wang Shan Industrial Park, Wu Chung District, Suzhou City, Chiang Su 215128, China
Tianjin Office
Room 202, Door 2, No.27, Tien Tse Park, Peninsula Blue Bay, Friendship South Road,Ho Hsi District, Tianjin City, Ho Pei 300221, China
Shenzhen Office
Room 205, Foxconn Century Building 5th, Tung Huan 2nd Road, Lung Hwa Town, Shenzhen City, Kuangtung 518109, China
Chengtu Office
29E, Building A, No. 2, Tung Tsu N. Rd., Wu Hou District, Chengtu City, Szuchuan 610041, China
Kenmec Product
‧Green Power System
‧Green Power Automation Equipment and System
‧Touch Panel Automation System
‧TFT/PDP/OLED/CF Auto Material Handling System(AMHS)
‧TFT/PDP/OLED/CF In-Process Equipment
‧Factory Automation System(FA)
‧Air Cargo Handling System
‧Logistic Center
‧Auto Storage/Retrieval System(AS/RS)
‧Auto Palletizer/De-Palletizer System
‧Auto Guided Vehicle(AGV)
‧Auto Car Parking System