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Green Power Automation Equipment and System Touch Panel Automation System

In view of the consciousness of environmental protection and health care of human beings, Kenmec will continue to devote her efforts in researching and developing the green power products.

Full series of auto binding equipment made by Kenmec, they can be suitable for the different sizes of touch panels and they can largely increase yield rate and effectively decrease manpower cost.

TFT/LCD Logistic Center

Kenmec can provide the complete auto production equipment and system for TFT industry to make different sizes of panels.

In response to market change timely, the harmonization among the system operations, the environment affected, and operators involved will be strongly emphasized.

Auto Storage/Retrieval System Factory Automation System

In 1992, Kenmec signed technical agreement with IHI Corp. to cooperate and jointly develop AS/RS market in Taiwan. IHI is one of the well-known Japanese company to provide complete solution in AS/RS for kinds of industries in the world.
Feature Highlights:
1.Save manpower and improve working efficiency
2.Efficiently use storage space
3.Real-time inventory control
4.Effectively master information and data
5.Absolutely ensure the safety during operation

Kenmec provides the total solutions for all sorts of auto production lines that meet your targets no matter in time, space, labor, process or budget.

Auto Car Parking System Auto Palletizer/De-Palletizer System

Kenmec provides a complete range of parking systems with reliable, safe, and fast automatic vehicle. Our services include planning, design, manufacturing, installation and applying for the needed license for customers.

Kenmec has worked with Okura Yusoki Co., Ltd. in Japan since 1989 to fully develop automatic palletizing and de-palletizing systems with robot arms. In addition to partnership, Kenmec is also Okura's sole representative in Taiwan.
Feature Highlights:
1.Stable palletizing and suitable for entering AS/RS
2.Easy operation
3.Available for variable stacking patterns
4.To save space and meet the demands of effort-saving as well as automation

Auto Guided Vehicle

AGV system offers the most flexibility in dealing with job shop operation, it also provides the tailor made of workstations to solve the transportation problems.