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Kenmec Sorter Service Introduction

Kenmec Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Sorter supplier and manufacturer with more than 30 years experence. Since 1976, in the Automatic Storage System & Storage Equipment Industry, Kenmec has been offering our customers high quality Sorter production service. With both advanced technology and 30 years experience, Kenmec always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Logictis Center
    Logictis Center

    【 Background of the project 】 The most important aspect of the retail and logistics industry is the quality and quantity management of products, especially when faced with a large number of products, a systematic management process is more important. Therefore, Guangyun designed an automatic sorting system for the demand of home delivery, speeding up the entire work process and shortening the processing time of goods. The system is mainly composed of a high-speed sorter and a low-speed sorter. At the same time, the slider and the roller turner are used to guide the goods to the correct workstation. In addition, the automatic barcode identification system can effectively manage the goods entering and leaving the warehouse. The automatic sorting system not only speeds up the work flow, but also reduces manpower handling requirements, improves manpower handling problems and errors, and realizes the vision of smart logistics, delivering goods on time and at all times.【 Project scale 】 The home area of the Taoyuan Transit Center is 2,288 pings and the building height is 12M.

  • Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd.
    Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd.

    Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd. is one of the largest express delivery companies in Taiwan. As the demand for e-commerce has increased significantly, Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd. has partnered with Kenmec to design a logistics center that is sufficient to support major Taipei customers. In order to digest all kinds of logistics boxes, Kenmec has planned an intelligent automatic processing solution, combined with low-speed and high-speed conveying, to make cargo identification more accurate, and to transport the goods to the correct distribution.


    The process of filling, dispensing and conveying food gets more efficient through automation technology. ABFood Ovaltine Thailand factory is the most major production volume factory in the group around the world to provide Ovaltine series product. KENMEC designs the six palletizing station with 4 lanes for each, in which one lane has a set of quick sorter to support. With this system, ABFood realizes the fully auto palletizer system to support up to 60 types of products.

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