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Kenmec Conveyor Service Introduction

Kenmec Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Conveyor supplier and manufacturer with more than 30 years experence. Since 1976, in the Automatic Storage System & Storage Equipment Industry, Kenmec has been offering our customers high quality Conveyor production service. With both advanced technology and 30 years experience, Kenmec always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)
    Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

    With the application of the sensing equipment, the cost of erecting the past railcars is reduced, and the safety of the conveying process is enhanced to assist in the transportation of goods and the management of the warehouse.

  • Erector

    Solve the problem of human resources in the past, strengthen the safety of object handling, reduce the number of delivery, and accelerate the overall process of packaging.

  • Case Packer
    Case Packer

    Solve the problem of human resources in the past, with all kinds of fixtures, speed up the overall packaging process.

  • Filling Equipment
    Filling Equipment

    Adjustable filling speed and flow rate, standardized quantitative filling, and integrated production line to accelerate the progress of the packaging process.

  • Conveyor System
    Conveyor System

    Integrating moving items to quickly and accurately carry out item circulation support for any item type and carrier.

  • Container Handling System
    Container Handling System

    Through the container handling, the human error rate can be greatly reduced, manpower and material resources can be saved, and the overall material processing process can be accelerated.

  • Semiconductor Integrated Equipment
    Semiconductor Integrated Equipment

    Integrating wafer front-end modules, transfer and process equipment. We also provide stainless steel, plastic, quartz tank, ultrasonic tank, electroplating machine and mixing system based on process requirements.

  • Dennis's Logistic Center
    Dennis's Logistic Center

    [Background] According to Dennis's development strategy and future business needs, it is necessary to complete a comprehensive, intelligent, and world-class modern storage logistics distribution center integrating warehousing, sorting, packaging, distribution, and return processing. The project plan is applicable to the development needs of Dennis in the next 5 to 10 years. Therefore, it is necessary to construct a logistics center that integrates the transmission, storage, storage, sorting, distribution and integrated office of goods. It is planned to build an automated sorting system for the logistics center, which will purchase advanced high-speed logistics sorting systems, including automated conveyor systems.[Size] The land acquisition area is about 112,034.48 square meters (168.05 mu), the actual land area is about 74,466.14 square meters (111.70 acres), and the total construction area is about 107,176.83 square meters: the above-ground construction area is 105,267.80 square meters, and the underground construction area is 2209.03 square meters. Building area: 44990.27 square meters, building density: 60.4%, floor area ratio: 1.92, greening rate: 10.6%. The project is responsible for the overall design and implementation plan of the project by Kenmec Mechanical Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

  • Shan Mei De
    Shan Mei De

    The use of a drum conveyor system significantly reduces operating time for Shan Mei De Supermarkets.

  • NTU Library
    NTU Library

    National Taiwan University has the first automatic control library in Taiwan, which greatly reduces the time cost of book sorting, pickup, and regression through the management of the automatic storage system. In the traditional library operation process, the average time for taking books varies from 5 ~ 10 minutes, while the automation of the library can efficiently shorten the time to 2 ~ 3 minutes.Moreover, as the turnover rate increases, up to 250 books can be returned in 30 minutes. After the staff puts the barcodes on the logistics buckets (bookcases), they will be placed in the ASRS. It was designed with upper and lower conveyor belts and stackers. This is the construction process of the workstation and the borrowing area. These are the collections. After the staff has numbered a book, they will transfer it from the traditional bookshelf to the workstation of ASRS. By numbering the books and logistics buckets with barcodes, the management of the inbound and outbound of books can be automatically executed by the ASRS system.There are four sizes of bookcases, designed with double-layers for the ASRS, which are moving among different floors with the lifter. The ASRS can store at least 1.2 million collections, which storage capacity is five times larger than the one of traditional bookshelves. After a reader submits the application for a book in the ASRS, the assigned bookcase will be delivered to the workstation within 2 minutes. The system greatly shortens the time for fetching a book.The ASRS was officially opened in October 2017. With vibration proof and fall prevention design, constant temperature and humidity design, and the high speed stacker application, automated book management can be fully implemented in this new generation. This ASRS is an important milestone for both the National Taiwan University and Kenmec Mechanical Engineering.

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