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Kenmec Automatic Guided Vehicle Service Introduction

Kenmec Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Automatic Guided Vehicle supplier and manufacturer with more than 30 years experence. Since 1976, in the Automatic Storage System & Storage Equipment Industry, Kenmec has been offering our customers high quality Automatic Guided Vehicle production service. With both advanced technology and 30 years experience, Kenmec always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Mobile Robot
    Mobile Robot

    【Background】 The AGV car automatic guidance system, automatic loading and unloading system, communication system, security system and management system are combined to form the automatic guided vehicle system (AGVS), which has become the mainstream of today's flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and automated storage systems.

  • 65Ton AGV
    65Ton AGV

    【Background】 The high-load automatic guided vehicle can rotate forward and backward in situ and move diagonally, and the charging device uses a battery. The loading platform of the AGV guided vehicle can adopt different installation structures and loading and unloading methods, which can meet the needs of different products transportation. Therefore, the adaptability of the logistics system is strong. Hospital stainless steel trolleys can be designed and manufactured according to different transmission purposes. These trolleys will be carried by the automatic guided vehicle load platform and run along the path specified by the person.[Functions] 1. AGV can be equipped with a variety of sound and light alarm systems, which can automatically stop before colliding with obstacles through the vehicle obstacle detection system. 2. The AGV automatic handling system systemizes logistics handling and can be connected with production management to optimize the logistics handling efficiency.

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