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Kenmec, since 1976, is a high-quality automated storage and material handling equipment and system manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Storage, sorting and picking logistic machinery and equipment manufacturing and supply with precision, Kenmec's material handling system is supplied with automated, patented and integrated design, as well as suitability retail, logistics, food, electronics & semiconductor sectors. All Integrated material handling systems are manufactured to maximize material processing efficiency.

Kenmec has been offering customers high-quality materials handling equipment and logistics systems since 1976, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Kenmec ensures each customer's demands are met.

TFT Automation Equipment

Electronics industry, panel industry and semiconductor industry. The application of robotic arms is often combined with vision, unmanned trucks, etc., to achieve automatic identification, automatic loading and unloading, and automatic handling, etc., to achieve the goal of [replace multiple hands with one hand.

Especially for heavy objects or precision equipment, the robot arm can improve the quality and speed of the overall output, as well as safety. In the past, manual processing of such articles required more human input, especially the damage caused by the handling process. However, taking the semiconductor industry as an example, a robotic robotic robot for wafers (also known as Mobile Robot) can adjust the position of the robotic arm to pick up and put the wafers on its own to avoid the loss of productivity caused by the impact of the wafers, which can greatly save manpower and improve the safety of operations.