Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

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Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

With the application of the sensing equipment, the cost of erecting the past railcars is reduced, and the safety of the conveying process is enhanced to assist in the transportation of goods and the management of the warehouse.


The automated vehicle can be easily classified into RGV type that needs to build the track equipment and AGV type that has the route induction system. Although the construction cost of the former is relatively low, the route planning is not easy to change; the AGV has more flexibility in the route planning. The navigation method can be divided into two-dimensional code, reflective sheet, and SLAM laser form. Other equipment such as robot arms and conveyors can be added to the AGV. Kenmec also has the experience of customized unmanned vehicles, which can be designed according to customer tonnage and capacity requirements.


(1) Two-Dimensional Code Navigation: Through the CCD camera of the car body, the visual sensor can collect image information to achieve differential positioning during driving. Combined with the application of the plant area map, the vehicle control system can analyze its map coordinate data and compare it to obtain accurate positioning information. Therefore, this AGV needs to be combined with the QR code technology navigation image for information collection and location analysis.

(2) SLAM Navigation: This technology implements automatic displacement correction of AGV in unfamiliar environments. Its own positioning is based on sensors such as laser radar and its own positioning map data. Not only that, its incremental map technology allows this AGV to continue to expand the surrounding environment and path information according to its own positioning map foundation, further achieving positioning and comparison. With corrections.

(3) Reflector Laser Navigation: This AGV needs to be combined with a reflection sheet, and through the emission of its own laser beam, the laser beam reflected by the reflector is collected for the current position and orientation analysis. Therefore, a precise position of the reflector is required around the AGV travel path.

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