Hi-tech Cooling Distribution Unit (HCDU)

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Hi-tech Cooling Distribution Unit (HCDU)

It is a water cooling management unit with intelligent temperature control.

HCDU is equipped with highly efficient refrigeration system. An air-cooled HCDU can save up to 20% of power consumption as compared to typical air-cooled chillers while a water-cooled HCDU can save as more as 40% as compared to typical water-cooled chillers. The equivalent COP of an air-cooled HCDU is 3.74 and that of a water-cooled HCDU can be even higher at 4.76. The power consumption of HCDU is much lower than typical chillers on the market.

Monitor and control the operating conditions of the chilled water.
Transmit system operating parameters to the Building Management System (BMS) for further integration.
Monitor the room temperature and relative humidity in the data center in real time.
The power consumption is much lower than typical chillers on the market.

Its internal refrigeration system is specially designed so that it can generate cooling water in the range of 15~20℃ under an ambient temperature of 0~45℃.

According to heat dissipation capacity, model No. is divided into HX008A / HX030A / HX040A / HX040L.