Air-To-Liquid Energy Saving Water-Cooled Cabinet (iCOLD Rack)

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Air-To-Liquid Energy Saving Water-Cooled Cabinet (iCOLD Rack)

iCOLD Rack includes a standard rack with its own water cooling system for standalone operations.

The cooling capacity is 10kW and 6kW per rack respectively. The height of iCOLD Rack can be 42U, 47U, and 52U while the width can be 600mm, 735mm, and 800mm.

Standalone operation system of heat dissipation.
No external chilled water for cooling.
No pipework underneath the raised floor.
No special requirement for the rack arrangement with iCOLD Rack inside a datacenter.
The rack arrangement is no longer confined by the conventional hot-and-cold aisle containment.
CDU is equipped with high quality PID for smart management by temperature, humidity, pressure, flow rate, and water level sensors.

The water cooling pipework of servers can be connected to the coolant inlet and outlet of the iCOLD Rack and therefore the server heat can be delivered away from the rack by the coolant inside the air-to-liquid heat exchanger of the iCOLD Rack so that the rack is cooled down.

According to different wind flow and heat dissipation capacity, model No. is divided into AL060 / AL100.