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Kenmec Introduction

Kenmec Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Automatic Storage System & Storage Equipment Industry. Kenmec has been offering our customers high quality Distribution Center, AS/RS, Airport Equipment, Automation Equipment, Stack, AGV, Filling, Processing Equipment, Semiconductor Equipment Integration, Solar Equipment Integration since 1976. With both advanced technology and 30 years experience, Kenmec always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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29Sep 2018
Asia Quality Function launch & Innovation Seminar held in Zijin port, Zhejiang Province, Global 510 Expert Witness " 2018 Asia Quality Innovation Award "awarded

2018 The Asia Quality Innovation Award, established by the Asian Quality Features association, is selected annually and awarded at the annual Asia Quality Function and Innovation Symposium, which recognizes organizations that have made significant innovations in the areas of quality management models, management methods and management systems and is a major award in the field of quality in Asia. Taiwan KENMEC Group is one of 7 award-winning units this year.

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14Aug 2018
Director Li Chaocheng of the office in Chennai to meet with the KENMEC Group

Li Chaocheng met with the KENMEC Group to promote the deepening of economic and trade investment relations between Taiwan's high-performing manufacturers and India, the implementation of the new southward policy, and the expansion of business opportunities for Taiwan businessmen.

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12Aug 2018
Xia Qingfu, Suzhou Became The President of Taiwan Association in Suzhou

Suzhou Taiwan Merchants Association held a change and handover ceremony, by the chairman of the KENMEC group Xia Qingfu as the Suzhou Taiwan Association 9 President of the session. In his speech, Xia Qingfu said that he would lead the Taiwan Association to continue to take root in Suzhou, do a good job as a bridge between Taiwan compatriots and local governments and the community, continue to develop internally, encourage innovation and upgrading, second-generation inheritance and Taiwan youth employment and entrepreneurship, and seize the "Hui Taiwan" Measures " opportunities, external closely follow the" one Belt, One Road " pace, open up a broad market.

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05Aug 2018
The first exhibition of KENMEC Transportation machinery TILS system hardware and software integration practices unmanned Factory

KENMEC Transportation machinery will be the warehouse picking area, flat pick-up area in the automatic exhibition field to reproduce, subtle to show the TILS System (Total Intra Logistic Solution). In addition to the program software is the use of advanced clamping Shuttle truck, forklift type unmanned truck, as well as top-lift unmanned truck, with advanced AGV system and warehousing management system, all warehousing management processes are controlled by the system, fast and accurate completion of various operations.

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10Aug 2017
KENMEC Machinery Digital Transformation Along with Team+ , Building a Smart Factory

Due to beneficiary Industries 4.0 development, all industries have a high demand for intelligent automation, automation will become the most basic industry, and accelerate the operation of growth momentum , 2016 year wide transport selection import team+ Enterprise Private Cloud real-time communication collaboration tool, in the overall digital transformation process, into the Intelligent factory layout.

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