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From:M.O.P.S of Taiwan stock exchange
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 Organization Structure:
  Organization Structure
Title Name Work
Chairman & General Manager Frank Hsieh Responsible for making a decision for major events, operation guideline and company management control and operation.
Senior Vice General Manager Janice Lin Assists President to be responsible for operational planning and system implementation.
Vice General Manager Gloria Shen Assists President to be responsible for human resources, information systems, financial accounting operations.
Chief Executive Officer Jack Chen Responsible for management, control, operation of business.
Executive Vice General Manager Jonas Ko Responsible for business development and project supervision.
General Factory Chief Steven Lee Responsible for factory management, product production and installation works.
 Constitution of Incorporation and Operating Procedures:
  Company constitution
  Handling procedure to get or manage assets
  Operating procedure to loan capital to others
  Endorsement guarantee principle
  Handling procedure to be engaged in derivatives transaction
 Organization and operation of the internal audit:
  Organization chart and operation of internal audit unit