Third-party Logistics Systems

Third-party Logistics Systems

Logistic Center
Logistic Center

[Function benefit]
1. High efficiency sorting automatic sorting system, the sorting accuracy.
2, the goods sorted by scan code, transport, and the like sorting apparatus.
3. The sorting system can store data, statistical avoid similar problems again.
4. The scanning system identification, can be identified by bar code, sorting precision weighing party goods.

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Retail Rapid Sorting System

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  • Market Sorting Center - Dennis's Logistic Center
    Market Sorting Center

    Features Daily pick-ups from 1.300 convenience stores and 100 hypermarkets 2.Slider sorter: sorting capacity 8,000 c / h 3. Effectively integrate equipment with management systems such as OMS / TMS

  • Express Cargo Logistics Center - Pelican Express Cargo Logistics Center
    Express Cargo Logistics Center

    Features In the face of a large number of product types, a systematic management process is even more important. Therefore, Guangyun designed an automatic sorting system to meet the needs of home delivery, speeding up the entire work process and shortening the cargo processing time. Function Low-speed sorting machine, roller and turntable sorting, high-speed sorting machine, automatic barcode identification, slider horizontal sorting.

  • Third Party Logistics Center - Conveyor system
    Third Party Logistics Center

    Features The conveying speed will be different due to the in-plant planning. Through the high-speed and slow-speed alternate delivery, maintain the smoothness of product delivery. There are also industries that need more special conveying equipment. For example, in the case of coffee factory automation, because flavor has a decisive role in its market value, the quality control requirements for transportation are relatively strict, and closed suction pressure conveying pipes are required. Therefore, the type of conveying equipment depends on the needs of the industry. Benefits In the product classification process, the conveying equipment constructs the basis of the entire process. All the area planning in the factory depends on the conveying equipment to connect. Through this set of equipment, the purpose of accelerating product classification, speed of shipment and maintaining smoothness can be achieved.

  • Smart Unmanned Warehouse - RIRI-Shun Smart Unmanned Warehouse
    Smart Unmanned Warehouse

    Features 1.Storage 14,505 2.Area 7,200 square meters 3. 20.9 meters high and 120 meters deep 4.RGV 5 sets, stacker 10 sets, AGV 15 sets 5.Total warehouse processing capacity 13,440 torr / 24 hours 6.Can satisfy a total of more than 2,800 SKU storage 7. The shelf and AGV in the warehouse are specially customized, which can meet the use of large and small trays at the same time.

  • Cold Chain Logistics System (minus 30 degrees C) - Xiamen-Wanxiang Cold Chain Logistics
    Cold Chain Logistics System (minus 30 degrees C)

    Features 1.17,790 storage places 2. Whole plant refrigeration equipment -25 ℃ ~ -30 ℃ 3. Travel speed of shuttle trolley: 120 m / min 4. Efficient, high-speed operation, flexible access 5.Site area of 3,320 m2 Function The product will pass the ASRS system with advanced low-temperature storage refrigeration system, automatic storage system, and vertical transportation equipment. The shelves are set as first-in-first-out channels at each end.

  • Retail Quick Sorting System - PxMart Retail Quick Sorting
    Retail Quick Sorting System

    Features 1. Super efficient processing capacity: 12,000 cases / HR 2.Configure 10 ~ 12 inputs 3.96 sorting chute 4.High-speed barcode machine + build-up machine identification

Result 1 - 6 of 6