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Kenmec, since 1976, is a high-quality automated storage and material handling equipment and system manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Storage, sorting and picking logistic machinery and equipment manufacturing and supply with precision, Kenmec's material handling system is supplied with automated, patented and integrated design, as well as suitability for retail, logistics, food, electronics & semiconductor sectors. All Integrated material handling systems are manufactured to maximize material processing efficiency.

Kenmec has been offering customers high-quality materials handling equipment and logistics systems since 1976, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Kenmec ensures each customer's demands are met.

Intelligent Logistics System

Intelligent interactive automation system
Intelligent interactive automation system

[Functional benefits]
1. The use of intelligent transportation, warehousing, packaging, handling, distribution, information services and so on.
2. The collected information is transmitted to the data center through the network, to achieve regular wisdom.
3. Assess the cost, time, quality, service, put forward the most reasonable solution.
4. The most effective solution, the system automatically follow the most efficient and effective route to run.

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Intelligent unmanned warehouse

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  • Shuttle Car - Shuttle Car
    Shuttle Car

    Features 1. Run flexible 2. adaptable spatial path 3 accessible single or double deep stream deep tank 4. In other features to achieve the trolley clamp hold layer 5. The frequency improve stream out of the box. Function 1. Single bit depth / double bit depth 2. efficient use of space 3. improve operational safety

  • Up-Lift Type AGV - Up-Lift Type AGV
    Up-Lift Type AGV

    Features 1. Load up to one ton 2. With flexible scheduling delivery of the production line 3. effective use of space 4. The system automatically determines power car, the car is positioned to automatically charge.

  • 65Ton AGV - 65Ton AGV
    65Ton AGV

    Features 1. Use clean grade 2 can move forward, backward, traverse, oblique, turning situ 3. Tons can load 65 4. ribbon guide 5. developed lithium Benefits 1.AGV may be equipped with a variety of sound and light alarm system, through the in-vehicle obstacle detection system to automatically stop before the collision obstacle. 2.AGV automatic handling system systematic handling logistics, and production management can be wired, such material handling efficiency can be optimized.

  • Forklift AGV - Forklift AGV
    Forklift AGV

    Features active area of 1.AGV without laying rails 2 support racks fixing means, without space, and space limitations of road 3. fully reflect its automatic and flexible, efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production.

  • Cleanroom - Cleanroom System

    Features 1. High precision automation equipment 2. Reliable and predictable vacuum performance 3. Wafer transfer can be transferred in a clean and controlled environment 4. Provide a complete set of semiconductor automation control solutions

  • AGV (Mobile Robot) - AGV(Mobile Robot)
    AGV (Mobile Robot)

    Features 1. High-precision automation equipment 2. High recognition and positioning accuracy 3. Optimized efficiency 4. Unmanned operation at night 24 hours a day

  • Laser AGV - Laser AGV
    Laser AGV

    Features 1.SLAM AGV laser navigation positioning accuracy 2. No other positioning facilities are needed on the ground, and the driving path can be flexible 3. Can be adapted to a variety of on-site environments, and the driving route can be modified at any time through the software 4.It is more convenient to maintain without magnetic strips and landmarks; it can also interface with MES, ERP, WCS, RFID and other systems

  • Shield Type AGV - Shield Type AGV
    Shield Type AGV

    Features The submersible shield type AGV submersible shield goes under the material cart. The electric lift rod hook is used to pull the material cart. The RFID instruction is read through the magnetic strip guide. After reaching the designated position, the AGV automatically separates from the material cart and then dives into the empty material cart. The double safety design of the mechanical collision avoidance device that drags the material cart for reciprocating motion with a stop accuracy of 10mm and a full range without blind spot obstacles.

  • Medical Logistics Center - Medical Logistics Center
    Medical Logistics Center

    Features The pharmaceutical distribution industry relies on modern logistics equipment and logistics information management systems to optimize the operational procedures of acceptance, storage, picking, and distribution in the warehousing and distribution process. It aims to shorten inventory and turnaround time and reduce logistics costs to achieve automation, informationization, and efficiency.

  • Cold Chain Logistics Center - Cold Chain Logistics Center
    Cold Chain Logistics Center

    Features Xiamen Wanxiang Cold Chain Logistics Center is a “Cross-strait Cold Chain Logistics Industry Cooperation Pilot Unit” approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. It is Xiamen's first multi-level modern cold chain logistics center that integrates freezing, refrigeration, constant temperature, and normal temperature. It provides customers with inspection, quarantine, customs declaration, customs clearance, storage, sorting, Specialized cold chain logistics services such as logistics, transit express, information processing, intercity transportation, and urban distribution.

  • Apparel Logistics Center - Apparel Logistics Center
    Apparel Logistics Center

    Features automated shipping system to create a high degree of digital performance tracking, product barcode system through comprehensive management of all aspects of the supply chain. Provision product information through the bar code data, into the ship when the product will send a corresponding digital signal, comprising a product transport, the number, address and other information. Combined freight matching system can track the status of the product stream at any time. By integrating hardware and other unmanned conveying device, inside and outside the plant product handling. Benefits management of freight intelligence can bring effective system of inventory management, cargo transport and related equipment can reduce product cargo damage rate and error rate, and thus reduce the cost of insurance to pay the required manpower. Through automated freight management, in addition to the supply chain can significantly reduce the effort required manpower, time, cost, and more importantly, can significantly raise revenue truck utilization, prompting the truck idle time reduction.

  • Express Logistics Center - Express Logistics Center
    Express Logistics Center

    Features Combining low-speed and high-speed transportation makes the cargo identification more accurate and transports the cargo to the correct car allocation place.

  • Books Sorting Center - Books Sorting Center
    Books Sorting Center

    Features The application of book sorting is mainly to pick books and stack them, the logistics box is put into the CV and the books are fed to the entrance, the books are picked, the barcode is scanned and fed. The books are automatically sorted, and they are stably conveyed through the conveyor belt. The logistics box is put into the CV and the feed inlet, and the sorting box is discharged.

  • Internet Business Center - Internet Business Center
    Internet Business Center

    Features The strong growth of e-commerce not only stimulates sales momentum, but also generates huge logistics business opportunities. Even large global e-commerce players are optimistic about the market potential and have entered the logistics business. How should fourth-party logistics operators develop a blue ocean strategy in the highly competitive logistics industry in Taiwan, and serve in response to the impact and challenges brought by the innovation trend.

  • Smart Logistics Warehouse - Smart Logistics Warehouse
    Smart Logistics Warehouse

    Features 1.Storage 14,505 2.Area 7,200 square meters 3. 20.9 meters high and 120 meters deep 4.RGV 5 sets, stacker 10 sets, AGV 15 sets 5.Total warehouse processing capacity 13,440 torr / 24 hours 6.Can satisfy a total of more than 2,800 SKU storage 7. The shelf and AGV in the warehouse are specially customized, which can meet the use of large and small trays at the same time.

  • Fresh Logistics System - Fresh Logistics System
    Fresh Logistics System

    Features Quanlian exclusively introduces the largest fresh produce sorter automation system, which can process 6,000 blue goods per hour, and a batch of distributions that can supply up to 286 stores. The automatic basket washing machine equipment greatly reduces manpower requirements and is equipped with a smoother logistics distribution system. Expect to be able to achieve today's production and today's arrival. Function At 1800 square meters, the fresh and fresh logistics center maintains a temperature of 0 degrees in almost all areas in order to keep the ingredients fresh.

  • Split flow Conveying System - Split flow Conveying System
    Split flow Conveying System

    Features A closed company means that the distribution target is limited to the affiliated company and does not operate externally at this stage. In terms of materials, automatic shipping and distribution is characterized by only engaging in in-system distribution. In terms of business cards, it is characterized by the existence of only formal business cards with the partner. Function Picking area on the first and second floors, CVs on the first and second floors, combined CVs on the first and second floors, automatic shipping and shunting (according to the distribution route shop order), automatic weighing check, automatic shipping and shunting (according to the distribution route shop )

  • Automatic Washing Tank System - Automatic Washing Tank System
    Automatic Washing Tank System

    Features When dealing with a large number of product items and customer needs, the unique design makes the turnover basket run more smoothly and easy to maintain, the temperature is automatically controlled, and additional filtering devices are installed to filter and clean the washed-out dirt on the basket. Guangyun uses its own design, manufacturing, and technology partners to save a lot of labor, greatly reduce labor costs, and permanently benefit from one investment. In the current situation of labor shortage and soaring wages of workers, the advantages of this product are even more obvious, intelligent and unmanned, and the efficiency of the logistics center is effectively improved. Function The product will pass the automatic box washing system, the box is put in, the box is automatically unboxed, the box is automatically turned over, the box is automatically washed and dried, and the box is stacked automatically (corresponding to 20 layers) , Automatically discharged.

  • Library Automation - Library Automation
    Library Automation

    Features The track stacker sends the books to be sent out of the warehouse to the horizontal conveyor. The vertical lift is on standby, and the book box can be lifted and conveyed after turning to the positive direction through the turntable. The book box is sent to the circulation workstation. After the staff confirms the book and scans the barcode, the warehouse is completed.

  • Retail Rapid Sorting System - Retail Rapid Sorting System
    Retail Rapid Sorting System

    Features Products and their quantities are quickly sorted through the sorting system and delivered to the correct distribution location.

  • Auto-parking System - Auto-parking System
    Auto-parking System

    Features Three-dimensional parking spaces are generally controlled mechanically up and down. That is, after a car is parked, it will automatically rise, and the idle tail will be placed in the most conspicuous position for the driver to choose. The same is true when picking up the car, the car will automatically drop to the owner, the whole process takes only a few minutes.

Result 1 - 21 of 21