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The most important aspect of the retail and logistics industry is the quality and quantity management of products, especially when faced with a large number of products, a systematic management process is more important. Therefore, the solutions required for this type of industry tend to focus on [automatic warehousing, rapid picking systems, automatic labeling and distribution systems] to speed up product entry and exit and configuration processes.

Taking the shipping process as an example, when the number of products to be processed is large, the shuttle box system of automatic storage can be used to accurately transport the logistics boxes of the required product types between different floors and work sites, and the staff Then, the order barcodes are picked up in sequence, and the goods are shipped on-site according to the required products and quantities, or they are loaded into the logistics box and sent to other floors for storage. Through the application of automation equipment, the probability of error can be greatly reduced, the labor cost can be reduced, and the logistics speed can be greatly improved.


Book Sorting System

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  • JIB-Automated e-commerce logistics - Up-Lift Type AGV
    JIB-Automated e-commerce logistics

    JIB is the leading e-commerce logistics of computer components in Thailand, so a large number of goods need to enter and exit the warehouse, with the lowest cost and manpower, and increase the speed of storage and retrieval. The smart picking system solution consists of a series of mobile robots, mobile shelves, and replenishment, Picking workstation, WMS system, RCS system and other hardware and software systems. Taking the artificial intelligence algorithm software system as the core, all operations in the warehouse, including picking, replenishment, return, and inventory, are completed at the workstation.

  • Uniqlo-Japan-clothing logistics center - Clothing Logistics Center
    Uniqlo-Japan-clothing logistics center

    【Background】 By improving all transportation lineups, and fully embodying the scale effect in maritime transportation, air transportation, trade formalities, and other businesses in Paris, it provides low-cost and operable logistics services, and provides international composite eucalyptus services that are closely connected to the head office and overseas. Third-party logistics at the base, providing storage and distribution of goods. [Size] Batch picking system, DPS picking and picking, 3C picking confluence, shipping confluence planning

  • United Distribution-Book Sorting Logistics Center - Books Sorting Center
    United Distribution-Book Sorting Logistics Center

    【Background】 The application of book sorting is mainly to pick books and stack them, the logistics box is put into the CV and the books are fed to the entrance, the books are picked, the barcode is scanned and fed. The books are automatically sorted, and they are stably conveyed through the conveyor belt. The logistics box is put into the CV and the feed inlet, and the sorting box is discharged.

  • Pelican- Retail Logistics Center - Diverse goods
    Pelican- Retail Logistics Center

    【Background】 The retail and logistics industry attaches the utmost importance to product quality and quantity management. Especially when facing a large number of product types, a systematic management process is even more important. Therefore, Guangyun designed an automatic sorting system to meet the needs of home delivery, speeding up the entire work process and shortening the cargo processing time. This system is mainly composed of high-speed sorting machine and low-speed sorting machine, while loading sliders and roller turntables to guide the goods to the correct workstation, and with an automatic barcode identification system, it can effectively manage the goods entering and leaving the warehouse. The automatic sorting system can not only speed up the work process, but also reduce the need for manual handling, improve the manual handling problems and errors, and realize the vision of smart logistics, which can deliver goods on time at any time. [Size] The Zhaitongtong Taoyuan Transfer Center has an area of 2,288 pings and a building height of 12M.

  • KangZhiJie-Medical Logistics Center - Medical Logistics Center
    KangZhiJie-Medical Logistics Center

    【Background】 The pharmaceutical distribution industry relies on modern logistics equipment and logistics information management systems to optimize the operational procedures of acceptance, storage, picking, and distribution in the warehousing and distribution process. It aims to shorten inventory and turnaround time and reduce logistics costs to achieve automation, informationization, and efficiency.

  • Shun-Feng-Third Party Logistics Center - Conveyor system
    Shun-Feng-Third Party Logistics Center

    【Background】 In logistics centers, the structure of common conveying equipment can be roughly divided into belt type and drum type. The conveying area and weight of the product determine the thickness of the drum. In a system, the conveying speed will vary according to the planning of the plant. Through the high-speed and slow-speed alternate delivery, maintain the smoothness of product delivery. There are also industries that need more special conveying equipment. For example, in the case of coffee factory automation, because flavor has a decisive role in its market value, the quality control requirements for transportation are relatively strict, and closed suction pressure conveying pipes are required. Therefore, the type of conveying equipment depends on the needs of the industry.

  • Xiamen-Wanxiang-Cold Chain Logistics Center - Xiamen-Wanxiang Cold Chain Logistics
    Xiamen-Wanxiang-Cold Chain Logistics Center

    【Background】 Xiamen Wanxiang Cold Chain Logistics Center is a “Cross-strait Cold Chain Logistics Industry Cooperation Pilot Unit” approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China. It is Xiamen's first multi-level modern cold chain logistics center that integrates freezing, refrigeration, constant temperature, and normal temperature. It provides customers with inspection, quarantine, customs declaration, customs clearance, storage, sorting, and collection of cold chain items such as food, fruits, vegetables, and medicinal materials. Specialized cold chain logistics services such as logistics, transit express, information processing, intercity transportation, and urban distribution. [Size] The project center covers an area of 28,000 square meters, a building area of 23,500 square meters, a total volume of 168,000 m³, a total reserve of 40,000 tons, and an investment of 250 million yuan. It is the first in Xiamen to integrate refrigeration, refrigeration, constant temperature, and normal temperature into one. Multi-temperature layer modern cold chain logistics center, where -20 ± 2 ℃ freezer area is about 6000㎡ (16000 tons); 0 ~ 7 ℃ freezer area is about 4000㎡ (12000 tons); 18 ℃ ± 2 ℃ constant temperature storage area is about 2000 ㎡ (1800 tons); the room area of the normal temperature warehouse is about 3800 ㎡ (5,000 tons). It uses a single-layer steel structure with a combined height of 12m and 24m, a combination of fully automatic and semi-automatic shelves and mechanized operations. 33 sets of professional standard equipped with closed operation pier and 8 sets of open operation pier; two professional standard closed temperature control (5 ℃ ~ 10 ℃) operating area of about 1900㎡, which is a modern comprehensive third-party cold chain logistics center. The cold storage construction is based on international standards and aims to provide customers with economical, streamlined and integrated integrated cold chain logistics services. [Equipment Details] 1. The project adopts advanced cryogenic storage refrigeration system, automatic storage system, vertical transportation equipment, and the shelves are set to FIFO at both ends of the channel. Each floor is 2.0M high (excluding shelf beam height) ASRS system. . 2. The order operation system (OMS) is established using EOS. 3. Use warehouse management system (WMS), transportation distribution management system (TMS), electronic label picking system (CAPS), traffic control system (GPS), and freight forwarding management system (FMS) suitable for aviation cold chain transit express , Customer service operation management system (CMS), etc. 4. Adopt a warehouse automatic racking system (ASRS) connected to the WMS main system through Inter Face, so that the customer orders of the aviation cold chain can be transferred to the operation system of this center through the electronic order system, and the ordering conditions are automatically indicated by the customer order, and the storage is specified The bits are taken off the FIFO principle.

  • Dennis's Logistic Center - Dennis's Logistic Center
    Dennis's Logistic Center

    【Background】 According to Dennis's development strategy and future business needs, it is necessary to complete a comprehensive, intelligent, and world-class modern storage logistics distribution center integrating warehousing, sorting, packaging, distribution, and return processing. The project plan is applicable to the development needs of Dennis in the next 5 to 10 years. Therefore, it is necessary to construct a logistics center that integrates the transmission, storage, storage, sorting, distribution and integrated office of goods. It is planned to build an automated sorting system for the logistics center, which will purchase advanced high-speed logistics sorting systems, including automated conveyor systems. [Size] The land acquisition area is about 112,034.48 square meters (168.05 mu), the actual land area is about 74,466.14 square meters (111.70 acres), and the total construction area is about 107,176.83 square meters: the above-ground construction area is 105,267.80 square meters, and the underground construction area is 2209.03 square meters. Building area: 44990.27 square meters, building density: 60.4%, floor area ratio: 1.92, greening rate: 10.6%. The project is responsible for the overall design and implementation plan of the project by Kenmec Mechanical Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

  • PxMart - PxMart

    【Background】 Products and their quantities are quickly sorted through the sorting system and delivered to the correct distribution location.

  • Shan Mei-PX Mart - Shanmei Fresh Food Processing Center
    Shan Mei-PX Mart

    【Background】 Application of low temperature resistant roller conveyor system, 0 ° c working environment throughout.

  • United States Newegg-3C Online Shopping Stream Center - Automatic unpacking machine
    United States Newegg-3C Online Shopping Stream Center

    【Background】 The strong growth of international e-commerce has not only stimulated sales momentum, but also generated huge logistics business opportunities. Even large global e-commerce players are optimistic about the market potential and have entered the logistics business. How should fourth-party logistics operators develop a blue ocean strategy in the highly competitive logistics industry in Taiwan, and serve in response to the impact and challenges brought by the innovation trend. [Project size] Automatic unpacking paper machine, batch picking system, DPS picking and picking, 3C picking and converging, and shipping confluence planning

  • Split and Combine Shipping System - Confluence CV on the first and second floors
    Split and Combine Shipping System

    【Background】 Czech Union is a closed company. The closed company means that the distribution objects are limited to the related enterprises and are not operated externally at this stage. In terms of materials, automatic shipping and distribution is characterized by only engaging in in-system distribution. In terms of business cards, it is characterized by the existence of only formal business cards with the partner. [Size] Picking area on the first and second floors, CVs on the first and second floors, combined CVs on the first and second floors, automatic shipping and shunting (according to the distribution route shop order), automatic weighing check, automatic shipping and shunting (according to the distribution route shop )

  • UPCC-Automatic box washing system - Box input
    UPCC-Automatic box washing system

    【Background】 When dealing with a large number of product items and customer needs, the unique design makes the turnover basket run more smoothly and easy to maintain, the temperature is automatically controlled, and additional filtering devices are installed to filter and clean the washed-out dirt on the basket. Guangyun uses its own design, manufacturing, and technology partners to save a lot of labor, greatly reduce labor costs, and permanently benefit from one investment. In the current situation of labor shortage and soaring wages of workers, the advantages of this product are even more obvious, intelligent and unmanned, and the efficiency of the logistics center is effectively improved. [Size] The product will pass the automatic box washing system, the box is put in, the box is automatically unboxed, the box is automatically turned over, the box is automatically washed and dried, and the box is stacked automatically (corresponding to 20 layers) , Automatically discharged.

  • Automatic storage system - And take into account economical, flexible and careful planning.
    Automatic storage system

    【Background】 This automated logistics project mainly consists of a three-dimensional warehouse system, an automated conveying system, a palletizer system, a straight shuttle system, a circular shuttle system, and an WCS / WMS integrated system. Mainly included equipment: laneway stacker, AS / RS double deep shelf, shuttle shelf, son-mother car, elevator, in-and-out conveyor, straight shuttle, palletizer, pallet conveyor system, ring shuttle, Warehouse access control system. The three-dimensional warehouse is equipped with a computer management monitoring system (WCS), which enables the three-dimensional warehouse operation to be monitored by the computer in real time, display equipment operation status, location and completion, and fault alarm prompts. With the use of computer to manage the storage of goods in and out of the warehouse and the management of storage space, it can realize the functions of automation of information management, data maintenance, query, inventory analysis, report printing, etc.

  • RIRISHUN-Wisdom Unmanned Warehouse - Improve work efficiency while reducing cargo damage
    RIRISHUN-Wisdom Unmanned Warehouse

    【Background】 Large-scale logistics still needs to be moved by manpower. In order to improve the problem of manpower transportation, the efficiency of manpower transportation is low and the cost is quite high. At the same time, manpower cannot simultaneously serve 24 hours. The unmanned dark operation in the warehouse is available 24 hours a day, and the goods can be delivered to the warehouse and the intelligent interactive automation system at any time.

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