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  • Intelligent Automation Systems - Automation Systems
    Intelligent Automation Systems

    [Functional benefits] 1. The stand-alone automation equipment production plant transformation sake of wisdom. 2. optimize equipment performance, quality management, equipment maintenance, exception management application software. 3. The data of the data, using a large data analysis, to improve the production process. 4. Cloud Platform can immediately grasp the device status anywhere.

  • Intelligent Logistics System - Intelligent interactive automation system
    Intelligent Logistics System

    [Functional benefits] 1. The use of intelligent transportation, warehousing, packaging, handling, distribution, information services and so on. 2. The collected information is transmitted to the data center through the network, to achieve regular wisdom. 3. Assess the cost, time, quality, service, put forward the most reasonable solution. 4. The most effective solution, the system automatically follow the most efficient and effective route to run.

  • Third-party Logistics Systems - Logistic Center
    Third-party Logistics Systems

    [Function benefit] 1. High efficiency sorting automatic sorting system, the sorting accuracy. 2, the goods sorted by scan code, transport, and the like sorting apparatus. 3. The sorting system can store data, statistical avoid similar problems again. 4. The scanning system identification, can be identified by bar code, sorting precision weighing party goods.

  • Automated Storage Retrieval System - Automated Storage Retrieval System
    Automated Storage Retrieval System

    We have been cooperating with IHI, a well-known Japanese company, for 40 years. The warehousing we produce has a good information management subsystem. Warehousing can not only improve the efficiency of picking speed, but also reduce the time for the picking staff to think and judge, and improve shipping and distribution Logistics efficiency.

  • Automatic stacking system - Automatic stacking system
    Automatic stacking system

    We have been working with well-known company OKURA for 40 years, during which we have made numerous stacking equipment robot load capacity, can be long-term operation, rich change, easy to operate, can cooperate with bar code identification system, mixed line production.

  • Combat Information Center - Combat Information Center(CIC)
    Combat Information Center

    Through the wisdom of factory automation solutions for data, to create enterprise visualization war room, so that enterprises can correct, it will quickly integrate a variety of intelligence information as a basis for decision-making. Visualization Enterprise war room with self-adjustment function, can be perfectly adapted to tile or mosaic LED screen, and support free layout, graphics, text, pictures, and so on. Data of the establishment of logistics data systems, the aim of using data to control all aspects of the logistics supply chain, coordinated operation, to reduce costs and efficient results.

  • Automated Aquaculture - Automated Agriculture
    Automated Aquaculture

    The traditional form of agriculture is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also different from agriculture and industry, it needs to face unstructured environmental conditions. Therefore, the quality and quantity of harvested crops are more likely to be uneven. Collecting data and monitoring crop processes through wireless networking technology can save a lot of manpower, and automation equipment can further bring precision agriculture, from seedlings, breeding to harvesting, and practice one-stop system integration to improve overall production efficiency. Automated agricultural equipment enables high energy efficiency and production transparency. In addition, the intelligentization of agriculture, the observation, recording and analysis of crops during growth can be used as an assessment of fertilization effects and pest control, as well as scientific research and crop breeding.

  • Lithium Battery - Lithium Battery
    Lithium Battery

    Lithium battery uses lithium metal as the anode active material, which has the characteristics of negative potential value and low density. With the appropriate cathode, the lithium battery has high energy-to-energy ratio, high and stable discharge voltage, low self-discharge rate, With a wide temperature range and good low temperature performance, it is widely used in various types of traffic vehicles and backup power supplies because it has a longer shelf life than other batteries and has the characteristics of being able to be recharged. In response to the global environmental awareness and the uninterrupted introduction of electric products, lithium batteries are an excellent choice for low carbon emissions and PM2.5 trends.

  • Thermal Solution - Operating Principle
    Thermal Solution

    Thermal is always a concern especially for heavy loading equipment that will generated massive heat, environment with thermal issue will impact overall performance or even result in system shut down. Rear door heat exchanger provide excellence cooling performance that helps solving common thermal issues in data center. Kenmec thermal solution for datacenter can be divided into two parts: Rear door heat exchanger and cooling distribution unit (CDU).