Intelligent Automation Systems

Intelligent Automation Systems

Automation Systems
Automation Systems

[Functional benefits]
1. The stand-alone automation equipment production plant transformation sake of wisdom.
2. optimize equipment performance, quality management, equipment maintenance, exception management application software.
3. The data of the data, using a large data analysis, to improve the production process.
4. Cloud Platform can immediately grasp the device status anywhere.

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Automated machinery manufacturing process

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  • Automated Tire Production - Gantry
    Automated Tire Production

    Features 1. Total reserves: over 300,000 2. 1F shipment area flow: 90 PL / hr out of the warehouse, 45 PL / hr back to the warehouse 3. Packaging and re-inspection flow: 10PL / hr out of the warehouse, 10 PL / hr back to the warehouse 4. Overhead crane total flow: 1 PL out of warehouse 100 PL / hr, back to warehouse 60 PL / hr 5. 2F ground temporary storage of more than 400 drops, handling more than 200 daily

  • Coffee Beans Automated Production Equipment - Automatic Mixer
    Coffee Beans Automated Production Equipment

    Features It adopts automatic bag opening machine, air conveying piping, stone picking machine, color sorter, and then uses automatic baking machine, cooling, and finally packaging and selling.

  • Contact Lenses Automated Production Equipment - Contact Lenses Automated Production
    Contact Lenses Automated Production Equipment

    Features The upper and lower covers are automatically cut, the upper and lower covers are automatically sucked and transferred, the upper and lower covers are automatically punched, the lower cover is filmed and transferred, and the UV furnace is hardened, and the upper and lower suctions are detached. The lower cover of the contact lens is detached, automatically stacked, and the tray is replaced.

  • Plastic Factory Automation Production Equipment - Plastic Factory Automation Production
    Plastic Factory Automation Production Equipment

    Features After drying with an automatic dryer, it is then sent to a rubber belt supply machine. After passing through the rubber block measuring equipment, the vibrating small material supply machine, the metering & unloading valve, the rubber block transfer device is passed to the scale checkweigher to check the weight. Then, it is packed by a full-automatic film wrapping machine, a full-automatic paper bagging-sewing system, an automatic spraying system, and a boxing system using a robotic arm. A fully automatic sinker is used.

  • Automatic Filling Equipment - Automatic Filling
    Automatic Filling Equipment

    Features Each 50-gallon automatic irrigation system is introduced, and quality is effectively controlled.

  • Solar Cell Automation Equipment - Solar Cell Automation
    Solar Cell Automation Equipment

    Features The current status of the technology of solar cell production lines and the development trend of solar cell production line technologies. Innovative processes and equipment, high productivity and efficient automation, monitoring and intelligent decision-making are the three main characteristics of future crystalline silicon solar cell production lines. Its structural composition, characteristics and implementation are introduced.

  • Electronic Automated Production Equipment - Electronic Automated Production
    Electronic Automated Production Equipment

    Features A variety of models, extended functions, and import methods are prepared, and the best import method that best meets the needs of customers can be selected. We can provide the best solution for customers who are troubled with lead-free environmental protection, substrate heat dissipation, high-density soldering, and high-heat-capacity soldering problems. The automatic plug-in machine has the function of connecting with the manufacturing execution system (MES), the production information is uploaded in real time, the plug-in head has a built-in precision sensor, which can effectively warn the picking and inserting abnormalities. Finally, it is equipped with an unmanned truck to make the work process smoother.

  • Automatic Bottle Packing Equipment - Automatic bottle packing
    Automatic Bottle Packing Equipment

    Features During the entire bottle grabbing movement of the bottle grabbing mechanism, the bottle grabbing head must ensure that the bottle cannot fall or not be picked up during the bottle grabbing. The bottle head can hold the bottle tightly in a short time without the bottle falling. This requires optimizing the structure of the bottle head. The shape and size of the metal hollow part of the bottle catching head are related to the required air pressure. Therefore, the best solution can be determined by modeling and analyzing the structure of the bottle catching head.

  • Sugar Factory Automation Production Equipment - Sugar Factory Automation Production
    Sugar Factory Automation Production Equipment

    Features Put the sugar on the ground, transport it through a 100-ton conveyor, fill the sugar, transport the sugar to the sugar factory through the conveyor, send it to the first floor by the stacking area, and the stacking machine, and send it to ASRS for storage, a series of The system is transformed into an information system to standardize the operating process and an information system to provide operating instructions.

  • Film Automatic Production Equipment - Film Automatic Production
    Film Automatic Production Equipment

    Features Thin-film solar modules can be manufactured using low-cost glass, plastic, ceramics, graphite, metal sheets, and other materials as substrates. The thickness of the thin film that can generate voltage is only a few μm. Wafer solar modules significantly reduce the amount of raw materials (thickness can be more than 90% lower than that of silicon wafer solar cells). In addition to being flat, solar thin-film modules can also be made into non-planar structures because of their flexibility.

  • TFT Automation Equipment - TFT Automation
    TFT Automation Equipment

    Features Electronics industry, panel industry and semiconductor industry. The application of robotic arms is often combined with vision, unmanned trucks, etc., to achieve automatic identification, automatic loading and unloading, and automatic handling, etc., to achieve the goal of [replace multiple hands with one hand. Benefits Especially for heavy objects or precision equipment, the robot arm can improve the quality and speed of the overall output, as well as safety. In the past, manual processing of such articles required more human input, especially the damage caused by the handling process. However, taking the semiconductor industry as an example, a robotic robotic robot for wafers (also known as Mobile Robot) can adjust the position of the robotic arm to pick up and put the wafers on its own to avoid the loss of productivity caused by the impact of the wafers, which can greatly save manpower and improve the safety of operations.

Result 1 - 11 of 11