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Kenmec, since 1976, is a high-quality automated storage and material handling equipment and system manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Storage, sorting and picking logistic machinery and equipment manufacturing and supply with precision, Kenmec's material handling system is supplied with automated, patented and integrated design, as well as suitability for retail, logistics, food, electronics & semiconductor sectors. All Integrated material handling systems are manufactured to maximize material processing efficiency.

Kenmec has been offering customers high-quality materials handling equipment and logistics systems since 1976, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Kenmec ensures each customer's demands are met.



Industrial production process planning, from design, analysis, manufacturing, testing to formal production, requires more time to operate than other industries. To achieve the goal of enhancing competitiveness, [reducing the time between order and delivery] is the most direct and fast method. Therefore, for industrial automation solutions, it will focus on the [conveying equipment] related to its shipment. The standardization and intelligence that automation emphasizes will increase the cost-effectiveness of the industry while ensuring the quality maintenance of the product during delivery.

The biggest problem with traditional industries is the labor intensive and poor working environment. Through the introduction of automation, it can replace a large number of manual processes, and it can be monitored and processed by computer intelligence. The investment of manpower in the past can also be reduced. With the automation of the work environment, the past high-risk jobs have been replaced by intelligence. The choice of workers will no longer be restricted by gender, increase their willingness to work, and increase productivity.


1. Advanced
Using advanced design ideas, advanced equipment, advanced technology, advanced software systems, and advanced network structure, it forms an advanced system. Conform to the industry's development trends to protect users' investments in the system and the applications running on them.

2. Practicality
Taking the current actual needs of the user as the main starting point, considering the user's expected needs, the user is expected to obtain the maximum direct benefit and the user is easy to grasp and easy to use. Designed to meet the overall smooth flow of the logistics center. Reduce the cost as much as possible on the basis of meeting the application requirements.

3. Security
System security measures are effective and reliable, enabling security control at multiple levels.

4. Reliability
This includes the reliability of hard devices and the fault tolerance of software systems. The main equipment components and key components in the scheme are selected from well-known companies at home and abroad, and mature and reliable products. Must be non-standard equipment, after rigorous testing can be put into use. The tool software should use mature and excellent platform and tool software, adopt modular design, have security management strategies and functions, and optimize the system as much as possible.

5. Openness
It refers to the use of a unified standard system interface and communication protocol, so that the system can be compatible with similar equipment of different manufacturers, and at the same time can adapt to the development of new technologies in the future. In the system design, consider using universal equipment that meets international or domestic standards as much as possible, leaving room for system upgrade and expansion, and customers can increase and decrease functional operations. All infrastructure (materials, components, communication equipment) is standardized, so whether computer equipment, communication equipment, and control equipment evolve with technology, it is easy to connect these equipment to the system in the future.

6. Modular
The system has good scalability and maintainability, and the modular design facilitates system integration and maintenance, process modification, business change, and has good scalability and interoperability. A centralized control management model combined with distributed specific applications. The application system should have good self-adjusting ability, modular structure of key hard equipment, hot plugging function, easy maintenance and low maintenance cost.

7. Interactivity
The system will adopt a friendly man-machine interface, so that the system is better close to the user's operating habits. The use of graphics to dynamically simulate the actions of field devices on a computer screen will make the monitoring and control of field devices more intuitive and convenient. Fully consider all aspects of the system, achieve overall system optimization design, secure data management, efficient transaction processing, and friendly user interface.


Hitachi palletizer

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  • Nan Ya Plastics Corporation - Nan Ya Plastics Corporation
    Nan Ya Plastics Corporation

    Combining the PVC colloidal automatic stack conveying system to maximize the efficiency of material handling.


    The adjustable palletizers can greatly reduce the damage rate caused by humanly piling and during the conveying process of electrical appliances.

  • Nankang Tires - Nankang Tires
    Nankang Tires

    The automatic storage system makes the tires effectively controlled in terms of damage rate and quality during the conveying process.

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