Heat Conduction / Heat Dissipation

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Heat Conduction / Heat Dissipation

Heat Conduction / Heat Dissipation
Heat Conduction / Heat Dissipation

When the mechanical equipment is in operation, it is most afraid of the condition that the equipment overheats and causes a short circuit or destruction. [Water-cooled back door system] In addition to excellent heat dissipation performance, it can avoid the common problems that heat conduction products may face during operation. This product can be divided into two parts: [water-cooled back door (RDHx)] and [cold water dispenser (CDU)]. The first circuit of ice water is tap water, building ice water main unit, independent ice water machine, etc.; cold water distributor (CDU) provides a second circuit that can be completely isolated for temperature control; and water cooled back door heat exchanger (RDHx) Provides 100% sensible heat cooling, no condensation problems, no need to heat or humidify. Unlike previous heat transfer products, [Water-cooled back door system] emphasizes 100% space utilization, low energy consumption, zero noise, low failure and easy maintenance.

(A) Water-cooled Back Door (RDHx)
The water-cooled back door is divided into 20KW and 30KW according to the standard cabinet and load capacity on the market. The main structure can be divided into back door frame, copper tube and heat sink fin, quick joint and EPDM hose. Mainly used in the IDC engine room, it is an energy-saving heat sink that can quickly reduce the PUE to at least 1.4.

(B) Cold Water Dispenser (CDU)
Can be divided into 4U cabinet built-in (80KW) and single cabinet type (350KW)

(1) Main structure of CDU
1. AC motor: Maximum working pressure 50psi, maximum flow 360LPM.
2. Cooling water impurity filter.
3. Water supply / return line distribution connector.
4. High efficiency plate heat exchanger.
5. Intelligent setting and monitoring panel.
6. Abnormal condition alarm system.

(2) Principle of Action
1. The temperature rise of the back door backwater is achieved through the external water tower and the plate heat exchanger of the CDU itself.
2. Provide cooling water above the dew point to each managed back door.
3. Control the entire water supply back to the working pressure of 20 ~ 30psi.
4. Provide flow control of the entire group of CDUs with a maximum of 360 LPM.
5. Computer panel intelligent parameter setting and remote control.
6. Leak detection and warning function.