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Kenmec, since 1976, is a high-quality automated storage and material handling equipment and system manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Storage, sorting and picking logistic machinery and equipment manufacturing and supply with precision, Kenmec's material handling system is supplied with automated, patented and integrated design, as well as suitability for retail, logistics, food, electronics & semiconductor sectors. All Integrated material handling systems are manufactured to maximize material processing efficiency.

Kenmec has been offering customers high-quality materials handling equipment and logistics systems since 1976, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Kenmec ensures each customer's demands are met.


Electronics  Equipment Integration
Electronics Equipment Integration

Products and accessories in the electronics and semiconductor industries are more sophisticated and require special attention in monitoring and processing. Therefore, how to realize the flexibility of the production line process is obviously a major issue. A flexible production line process needs to combine the functions of data analysis, energy management and quality diagnosis, and the realization of a smart factory through the introduction of smart devices, which also covers the basic system equipment, transmission dynamic system, sensing dashboard Controller, network, to the final manufacturing management and information analysis optimization.

In order to maximize production capacity, solutions for this type of industry usually emphasize shortening the operation process and start with the basic [conveying and handling system equipment].


Edge-gluing machine

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  • Pegavision Corportion-Automated Production of Contact Lenses - Automated Production of Contact Lenses
    Pegavision Corportion-Automated Production of Contact Lenses

    【Background】 The upper and lower covers are automatically cut, the upper and lower covers are automatically sucked and transferred, the upper and lower covers are automatically punched, the lower cover is filmed and transferred, the UV furnace is hardened, the upper and lower covers are removed, the lower cover and contact lenses are automatically absorbed and transferred The lower cover of the contact lens is detached, automatically stacked, and the replacement plate is replaced.

  • Taiwan Vishay General-Electronic automated production - Vishay General
    Taiwan Vishay General-Electronic automated production

    【Background】 The most successful case of Just in time 30 years ago. Benefits of automated and rationalized production: 1. The daily output will increase from more than 2,000 units to more than 5,000 units after transformation. 2. The number of operating staff is reduced from more than 5,000 to about 3,000, saving more than 2,000 manpower. 3. The material turnover rate is increased by 5 times, and it takes 7.5 days for the goods to be shipped before the transformation, and only 1.5 days after the transformation (including Burn in time). 4. The overall competitiveness increased by 9 times. For a detailed description of this case, please refer to Mr. Gao Shuxiong's 2003 master's thesis.

  • Taiwan HITACHI-Automatic Stacking Equipment - HITACHI
    Taiwan HITACHI-Automatic Stacking Equipment

    【Background】 Adjustable stacking equipment can greatly reduce the damage rate of electrical goods during artificial stacking and transportation.

  • Kentec-Water Glue Bonding Line - Automatic bonding system
    Kentec-Water Glue Bonding Line

    【Background】 Full-automatic customized mass production line for high-speed production & high lamination accuracy, high elasticity and fast mold change, can be applied to various products (soft film / soft film, soft film / glass, glass / glass)

  • Heat-Conduction&Heat-Dissipation - How it works

    【Background】 The water-cooled back door realizes the best cooling design scheme of the double cold aisle technology in the computer room, which is an important part of the [double cold back door system]. When the mechanical equipment is in operation, it is most afraid that the equipment will overheat and cause a short circuit or damage. [Double Cold Back Door System] The patented product developed by Guangyun, in addition to having excellent heat dissipation performance, can also avoid the common problems that thermal conduction products may face during operation in the past.

  • R&D Products-Bianbian Chemical Coating Machine - Glue machine
    R&D Products-Bianbian Chemical Coating Machine

    【Background】 The emergence of glue spreader greatly improves work efficiency and saves raw materials and labor. The glue spreading machine is more in line with the production needs of some enterprises, and it also conforms to the market development trend.

  • R&D Products-Automatic Plug-in Machine for Shaped Parts - Automatic plug-in machine
    R&D Products-Automatic Plug-in Machine for Shaped Parts

    【Background】 Due to the uniform rules of cutting board type of automatic special-shaped plug-in machine, the cutting efficiency of most equipment is relatively high. Full-automatic special-shaped plug-in machine does not need knife + static knife to separate the board, which can reduce the generation of stress and prevent cracking of welding points. Board efficiency, automatic shaped plug-in machine adopts double board support design, so it can cut two boards more firmly.

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