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Kenmec, since 1976, is a high-quality automated storage and material handling equipment and system manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Storage, sorting and picking logistic machinery and equipment manufacturing and supply with precision, Kenmec's material handling system is supplied with automated, patented and integrated design, as well as suitability for retail, logistics, food, electronics & semiconductor sectors. All Integrated material handling systems are manufactured to maximize material processing efficiency.

Kenmec has been offering customers high-quality materials handling equipment and logistics systems since 1976, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Kenmec ensures each customer's demands are met.

Retail / Logistics

Retail / Logistics
Retail / Logistics

The most important aspect of the retail and logistics industry is the quality and quantity management of products, especially when faced with a large number of products, a systematic management process is more important. Therefore, the solutions required for this type of industry tend to focus on [automatic warehousing, rapid picking systems, automatic labeling and distribution systems] to speed up product entry and exit and configuration processes.

Taking the shipping process as an example, when the number of products to be processed is large, the shuttle box system of automatic storage can be used to accurately transport the logistics boxes of the required product types between different floors and work sites, and the staff Then, the order barcodes are picked up in sequence, and the goods are shipped on-site according to the required products and quantities, or they are loaded into the logistics box and sent to other floors for storage. Through the application of automation equipment, the probability of error can be greatly reduced, the labor cost can be reduced, and the logistics speed can be greatly improved.


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  • Logictis Center - A variety of goods, and with roller carousel and slider sorting, so that goods can be delivered to the destination faster.
    Logictis Center

    【 Background of the project 】 The most important aspect of the retail and logistics industry is the quality and quantity management of products, especially when faced with a large number of products, a systematic management process is more important. Therefore, Guangyun designed an automatic sorting system for the demand of home delivery, speeding up the entire work process and shortening the processing time of goods. The system is mainly composed of a high-speed sorter and a low-speed sorter. At the same time, the slider and the roller turner are used to guide the goods to the correct workstation. In addition, the automatic barcode identification system can effectively manage the goods entering and leaving the warehouse. The automatic sorting system not only speeds up the work flow, but also reduces manpower handling requirements, improves manpower handling problems and errors, and realizes the vision of smart logistics, delivering goods on time and at all times.【 Project scale 】 The home area of the Taoyuan Transit Center is 2,288 pings and the building height is 12M.

  • Automated Storage - Due to the large amount of goods entering and leaving, scanning, external inspection, storage and other operations are required. In order to improve the operation efficiency, a perfect operating system is needed, which facilitates the entry and exit of a large amount of logistics, and at the same time reduces the problem of cargo damage.
    Automated Storage

    Large-scale logistics still needs manpower to carry. In order to improve the manpower handling problem, the manpower handling efficiency is low and the cost is still quite high. At the same time, the manpower can not serve 24 hours at the same time, and the automated warehouse is not only able to quickly enter and exit, but also realize Unmanned dark work in the warehouse for 24 hours, the goods can be delivered to the person's single-package intelligent interactive automation system on time.

  • Dennis's Logistic Center - Dennis's Logistic Center
    Dennis's Logistic Center

    [Background] According to Dennis's development strategy and future business needs, it is necessary to complete a comprehensive, intelligent, and world-class modern storage logistics distribution center integrating warehousing, sorting, packaging, distribution, and return processing. The project plan is applicable to the development needs of Dennis in the next 5 to 10 years. Therefore, it is necessary to construct a logistics center that integrates the transmission, storage, storage, sorting, distribution and integrated office of goods. It is planned to build an automated sorting system for the logistics center, which will purchase advanced high-speed logistics sorting systems, including automated conveyor systems.[Size] The land acquisition area is about 112,034.48 square meters (168.05 mu), the actual land area is about 74,466.14 square meters (111.70 acres), and the total construction area is about 107,176.83 square meters: the above-ground construction area is 105,267.80 square meters, and the underground construction area is 2209.03 square meters. Building area: 44990.27 square meters, building density: 60.4%, floor area ratio: 1.92, greening rate: 10.6%. The project is responsible for the overall design and implementation plan of the project by Kenmec Mechanical Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

  • PxMart - PxMart

    Quality and quantity are quickly checked and their products are more efficiently delivered to the correct dispensing location through the logistics center. Retailing business is time-consuming and labor-intensive in the management of logistics in and out, especially when the quantity of items required for each distribution store is not the same. The logistics center built by Kenmec has accelerated the overall distribution process. PXmart currently has the largest and fastest sorting system in Asia, and successively established logistics centers in Guanyin, Gangshan, and Wuqi; and built the first multi-temperature logistics center in Wugu to transport, package and sort the frozen products such as fish and meat. The logistics center built in Guanyin can handle 12,000 boxes per hour with the configuration of 10 ~ 12 input ports and 96 sorting slides. It is also equipped with high-speed barcode identification system, which can quickly and accurately identify and sort goods. Before this logistics center was built, the time for cross docking was averagely 4 hours, and now it takes only 10 minutes.

  • Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd. - Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd.
    Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd.

    Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd. is one of the largest express delivery companies in Taiwan. As the demand for e-commerce has increased significantly, Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd. has partnered with Kenmec to design a logistics center that is sufficient to support major Taipei customers. In order to digest all kinds of logistics boxes, Kenmec has planned an intelligent automatic processing solution, combined with low-speed and high-speed conveying, to make cargo identification more accurate, and to transport the goods to the correct distribution.

  • Shan Mei De - Shan Mei De
    Shan Mei De

    The use of a drum conveyor system significantly reduces operating time for Shan Mei De Supermarkets.

  • Automated Warehouse System - In the implementation plan, meet the requirements of warehousing and logistics, and take into account the economic, program, and other careful planning.
    Automated Warehouse System

    The automated logistics project mainly consists of a three-dimensional warehouse system, an automated conveyor system, a palletizing machine system, a straight shuttle system, a ring shuttle system, and a WCS / WMS integrated system. Mainly included equipment: roadway stacker, AS / RS double deep shelf, shuttle shelf, sub-car, lift, inbound and outbound conveyor, straight shuttle, code base machine, code wheel conveyor system, ring shuttle, The warehouse control system, the stereo warehouse is equipped with a computer management monitoring system (WCS), which enables the real-time monitoring operation of the stereo warehouse operation by the computer, displays the equipment operation status, location and completion status, fault alarm prompt, etc., and the stereo library configuration storage management system The use of computer management of goods in and out of the warehouse and cargo space management, can achieve goods into the warehouse, outbound information management automation, data maintenance, query, inventory analysis, report printing and other functions.

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