Automated Agriculture / Farming

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Kenmec, since 1976, is a high-quality automated storage and material handling equipment and system manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Storage, sorting and picking logistic machinery and equipment manufacturing and supply with precision, Kenmec's material handling system is supplied with automated, patented and integrated design, as well as suitability for retail, logistics, food, electronics & semiconductor sectors. All Integrated material handling systems are manufactured to maximize material processing efficiency.

Kenmec has been offering customers high-quality materials handling equipment and logistics systems since 1976, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Kenmec ensures each customer's demands are met.

Automated Agriculture / Farming

Automated Agriculture / Farming
Automated Agriculture / Farming

The traditional form of agriculture is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also different from agriculture and industry, it needs to face unstructured environmental conditions. Therefore, the quality and quantity of harvested crops are more likely to be uneven. Collecting data and monitoring crop processes through wireless networking technology can save a lot of manpower, and automation equipment can further bring precision agriculture, from seedlings, breeding to harvesting, and practice one-stop system integration to improve overall production efficiency. Automated agricultural equipment enables high energy efficiency and production transparency. In addition, the intelligentization of agriculture, the observation, recording and analysis of crops during growth can be used as an assessment of fertilization effects and pest control, as well as scientific research and crop breeding.

For the automatic introduction of the breeding system, the operator can use the computer program and the programmable logic controller (PLC) to automatically convert the work flow required by the past manpower to the machine, especially in the monitoring area during breeding. The culture system can be fully monitored 24 hours a day. The introduction of this equipment can bring the production cost reduction, all-round environmental quality monitoring, and the analysis of the production supply and market demand. In addition, the device also incorporates smart photovoltaic technology to achieve the vision of green energy farming.


Automated Agriculture & Farming

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